ABT has used its knowledge and has done a makeover of the Audi A5 Cabrio. They call it the ABT AS5 Cabrio. The open AS5 provides you with driving enjoyment, especially of course when the sun is shining. But even with the roof closed the beautiful cabrio looks rather cool. To achieve this look some changes were made to the exterior and motor management.

Audi’s 6.0 Litre V12 TDI engine may have been dropped from development in the R8 but we must remember that it has made it to Audi’s flagship Q7. As a commemoration of the companies (now broken) back wins at Le Mans, the car was released with the V12 TDI making it the most powerful diesel engine used in a series car. It was only a matter of time before companies like ABT managed to get their hands on it!


Some interesting news regarding the KTM X-BOW has been unveiled today. ABT Sportline has introduced its performance kit for the X-BOW raising the 2.0-liter TFSI engine’s output from 240HP to 300HP and maximum torque from 310Nm to 400Nm. The upgrade is available as an aftermarket package and can be retrofitted to any model.